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At Snack Play Namaste we eat delicious, nutritious foods, and have lots of fun by exercising the body doing yoga!

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1Classes can be custom designed according to the age group, size of class and mount of time available. 230 minute classes can be yoga and meditation or food art with meditation. This type of class works well with all age groups and is best for younger kids ages 3 to 6 years old. 345 minute classes can be 20 minutes of yoga followed by 20 minutes of food art and five minutes of meditation. This type of class works best with kids ages 6 and up 460 minute classes can be 25 minutes of yoga with 25 minutes of food are and 10 minutes of meditation with the sound therapy. This type of class works best with middle school aged children. 5All classes are built around a theme and teach kids valuable lessons like mindfulness, self love, kindness, gratefulness etc.

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" My daughter recently attended Susan's mindful yoga classes and thoroughly enjoyed it.  It was so beneficial for my daughter to learn strategies on how to relax and use breath as a tool. The class was a good balance of movement and mindfulness. Susan was terrific with the children and her excitement and passion for yoga was evident. " —Kristin

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